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What Is An Eyelash Perm?

Are you tired of having to wear mascara every day, just to make your lashes look fuller? You can’t rub your eyes for fear of rubbing mascara across your face, and getting it off at night is a serious chore. Luckily, there is another option. Eyelash perms are very popular with women who want that fuller lash effect, without having to use makeup to achieve the look. Should you get an eyelash perm?

How Does An Eyelash Perm Work?

When you get an eyelash perm, you’ll have two different chemicals applied to your eyelashes in order to curl them. To do this, silicone pads are placed over your eyes to keep them closed. Your eyelashes are painted with the first chemical and curled over a silicone mold, in order to get the desired shape. Once the chemical has done it’s work, you’ll have a second solution applied to them to set them in place. That’s all there is to it.

Is There A Difference Between Eyelash Perms And Lash Lifts?

You may have seen the term’ lash lift’ or ‘eyelash lift’ online, as well as ‘eyelash perm’. These terms are often used interchangeably, but there actually is a difference. The difference lies in the chemicals used to achieve the same effect. If you’re thinking of curling your eyelashes in this way, look into the two processes and decide which is best for you.

Are Eyelash Perms Dangerous?

Of course, you may be worrying about getting an eyelash perm, as those chemicals are being used close to your eyes. Like all beauty treatments, there are some risks involved. The chemicals can cause allergic reactions, so you’ll need to do a skin test first, before you go ahead with the perm. If you’re worried, it’s a good idea to go to a professional, who has trained in this work and will be able to carry it out safely.

How Long Does The Perm Last?

Once you’ve had your eyelashes permed, you can expect the effects to last for around six to eight weeks. The perm, as the name implies, is actually as permanent as can be when it comes to hair growth. After that time, you’ll have enough new lash growth to warrant another perm. After that time, you can let them grow out if you so wish, or go back and get another perm.

How Do I Take Care Of An Eyelash Perm?

Yes, just like perming your hair, you have to take some precautions when perming your eyelashes. For the first 24 hours, you’ll need to avoid getting them wet and undoing all that hard work. That means avoiding swimming, steamy areas like saunas, and any other beauty treatments around your eyes. You’ll also need to avoid rubbing your lashes, or wearing make up on them for that first day.

After that time, you can put mascara on them, but you’ll often find that you don’t need to. After all, that’s why most people get them done in the first place. If you get a last tint at the same time, you’ll have amazing looking curled lashes without ever having to go near a mascara brush.

Can I Do An Eyelash Perm At Home?

A lot of people prefer to go to a salon to get their eyelashes permed. It makes sense, as they’ll need to close their eyes to do this and it’s good to know they’re in the hands of a professional. Also, it’s a great excuse to go lie down for an hour, with nothing else to do.

Some prefer to do their salon treatments at home though, and you can certainly do this at home too. You can pick up an eyelash perm kit that gives you everything you need, and is just as good as the ones you’d get in the salon. If you’re going to go this route, it’s often best to have a friend help you so you get the best results.

An eyelash perm is a great way to ditch the mascara and beautiful lashes as soon as you wake up. All you need is an hour every six to eight weeks, and you’ll look amazing without having to do a thing. What could be better?



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