False eyelashes

What Are The Risks Of False Eyelashes And Lash Curlers?

Every woman wants to have beautiful, dramatic eyelashes. That means there’s all kinds of things on the market that claim to help you get the look you want. Whether that’s false eyelashes or eyelash curlers, you’ve been using them to get beautifully curled lashes. However, there are lots of risks of using both, many of which you may not know about. What is it that makes them dangerous to use?

False eyelashes

The Importance Of Your Eyelashes

Your eyelashes play an incredibly important role in the well being of your eyes. They are designed to fulfil three main functions:

  • Reduce airflow into your eyes
  • Keep away extra moisture
  • Filter out sunlight

Because of this, it’s important to take good care of your eyelashes. When you use false eyelashes and curlers, they can actually stop your natural eyelashes from doing their job.

The Risks Of False Eyelashes

Let’s start with false eyelashes. You’ve used them for years to add that little extra ‘oomph’ to your look, but they can have serious effects on your eye health. In most serious cases, they can actually cause damage to your vision.

This is because any foreign object that comes into contact with your eyes can cause problems. Even though they’re designed to go on your eyelashes, false eyelashes are a foreign object too. If used improperly, they can lead to eye infections, damage to natural lashes, redness and irritation, and allergic reactions.

Using False Eyelashes Safely

That’s not to say you can never use false eyelashes again. Here are some ways you can use them safely, and protect the health of your eyes:

Remove eyelashes carefully: When taking false eyelashes off, never be tempted to rip them off. That will damage your natural eyelashes and cause problems. Stand in front of a mirror and remove them gently, taking your time.

Avoid glitter, jewels or other add ons: These false lashes look amazing, but they’re too much of a risk when it comes to your eyes’ health. They increase weight on your lashes, and run the risk of getting into your eyes.

Use less glue: It’s tempting to use more glue to ensure your lashes stick, but it’s a chemical that can irritate your eyes. Also, avoid glues with formaldehyde, as it’s harmful to your health.

Never share lashes: Just like make up, it’s so important that you never share lashes with others. Doing so heightens your risk of infections.

The Risks Of Eyelash Curlers

If you’re not using false eyelashes, you’re probably using eyelash curlers. You would think that these are much safer, but they can expose you to other dangers when they’re not used properly. These include eyelid injuries, accidentally pulling out natural eyelashes, and damage to your natural lashes when used every day.

Stay Safe With Eyelash Curlers

You can use eyelash curlers safely and avoid damaging your natural lashes. Follow these tips to get it right:

Use a good quality curler: Find a good curler with good reviews. You want one with a good grip, so they can’t slip out of your hand.

Be gentle: Never use a lot of force when using your curler. Squeeze gently and ensure that you’re not pulling on your lashes as you do so.

Apply mascara after curling: If you use mascara before curling, you risk making the curler sticky, and pulling your lashes out.

Clean regularly: Clean the curler regularly to avoid infections and protect your lashes.

Why Stop Using Curlers And False Eyelashes?

Some women are deciding to ditch curlers and false eyelashes altogether, in favour of a more natural look that a home lash lift kit can offer. While it’s great to have large, dramatic eyelashes, they take a lot of effort to do every day. Plus, they will weaken natural lashes over time. You don’t have to abandon them entirely, but you can save the false eyelashes and curlers for special events and really make an impact with them.

When you’re not careful with false eyelashes and eyelash curlers, you can cause a lot of damage to your natural lashes. You also leave yourself open to infections and other issues that you don’t want to have to deal with. Learn to use them carefully though, and you can get the look you want.



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