strong lash game

The Ultimate Hack to Get Your Lash Game Back on Track

Before you spend hours scouting for a new mascara to fix your lacklustre lashes, you may want to get acquainted with some top industry secrets on how you can bring those lashes to life.

Margot Robbie’s MUA, Pati Dubroff recently disclosed secrets which will boost your lash length and volume tenfold. The best part? It doesn’t involve any super-expensive treatments or salon trips, so even those on a budget can bat VIP lashes.

VIP Hot Tip: Reconsider the Colour of Your Mascara

strong lash game
strong lash game

It is almost an automatic decision for many people to reach for the blackest black mascara without considering the benefits of brown mascara. While black mascara can achieve a dramatic effect, when paired with black mascara, brown mascara can give you the panoramic lash look you’ve been waiting for.

But don’t throw out your black mascara just yet. Pati Dubroff advises coating the top of your lashes with black mascara and using brown mascara on the lower lashes to achieve a naturally defined finish.

Along with adding to your makeup arsenal, there are a number of other ways you can lift, define and volumize the lashes from the comfort of your own home.


  1. Salt & Pepper Lashes

Joanna Keller, a Canadian lash expert to the stars has revolutionised the lash industry with the innovative concept of Salt & Pepper lashes.


The process is simple, and no, you won’t have to rifle through your food seasonings, the look is easily achieved by adding white eyelash extensions amongst black lashes. As with every form of highlighting, adding white against darker colours can achieve a bolder and more eye-catching effect.

This is a must-try for anyone looking to add depth and detail to their lashes.


  1. Your Lashes Are What You Eat

You may not always consider what your lashes need while you’re out at the supermarket, but by maintaining a healthy diet and getting all of the essential oils, nutrients and vitamins you need, you can give your eyelashes a helping hand when it comes to growth.

Protein and vitamin-rich foods such as soy, beans, eggs and fish all contain the vitamin B complex, biotin which is exactly what your body needs for healthier lashes and hair.


  1. Ditch the Expensive Serums

Just because a beauty product has a hefty price tag, that doesn’t mean that you’ll receive a 5-star treatment.

Lashes can be boosted by items which you probably have lying around in your kitchen right now. By combining aloe vera, coconut oil, castor oil and olive oil, you will create an organic and effective treatment which can leave you with shinier, longer, healthier and thicker lashes.

If you don’t have the time or budget for a lash lift then can apply this solution easily be with a clean mascara wand, but be warned, you may need to be very patient with this method.


  1. Make Way for Regrowth

Everyone knows that regularly trimming your hair helps to keep your hair healthy and in optimal condition, the same can be said for eyelash trims. Cuticle scissors are the perfect tool for the job, and you’ll want to start from the lashes closest to your nose. Go for a gradual trimming approach every 2 – 3 months to stimulate your eyelash follicles and help your eyelashes to grow faster.


  1. Make a Masseuse of Yourself

Healthy eyelash growth depends on good circulation in the eyelids, factor an eyelash massage into your beauty routine to see a consistent increase in your lash growth.



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