lash lift treatment

How A Lash Lift Can Revolutionize Your Look

lash lift treatment

It’s amazing how much difference your eyelashes make to your overall look. You know this, as you’ve spent so much cash on plumping mascaras and curling tongs to make yours look their best. The latest innovation is the lash lift. What is it, and can it replace those other lash lengthening methods in your make up bag? Let’s take a look.

What Is A Lash Lift?

 A lash lift is a procedure that curls the full length of your lashes, from root to tip. This is why you may also see them referred to as a lash perm in stores or online. It’s designed as an alternative to lash extensions or false eyelashes, as it’s working to enhance what you already have naturally.

Lash lifts are often combined with lash tints, which darken and enhance your lashes further. It’s a very good idea to use a lash lift kit that comes with a tint, as this gives you the most bang for your buck when it comes to the process.

How A Lash Lift Works

 Ok, so how do you use a lash lift kit? In the kit, you’ll see there’s two silicone pads that are designed to go over your eyes and keep them closed. Then, a serum is applied to your lashes that’s designed to break down the keratin in your lashes, allowing you to shape them.

Once that has taken effect, the lashes are then placed around a silicone mold that will curl the lashes. Another serum is added that will add keratin back into your lashes. This whole process takes around an hour, although times vary slightly depending on the kit you’re using. After that hour’s up, you’ll have beautiful curled lashes.

 How Long Does It Last?

 A lash lift will last anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. Again, this depends very much on the particular kit you’re using, as they will use slightly different formulas.

The longevity of your lash lift will also depend on how you take care of them. The more careful you are, the longer it will last. It’s recommended that once you’ve had the lift done, you don’t apply anything to them, such as mascara, for at least 48 hours. You’ll also need to avoid getting them wet. That means no steam, washing your face with water, or washing your hair. Instead, it’s better to clean your face with oil free makeup wipes during this time.

Afterwards, you’ll need to be gently with your lashes to keep them looking good. While you can use mascara, you’ll find that you probably won’t have to. A lot of people get lash lifts to avoid having to use it, so it’s an added benefit. You’ll also want to avoid curlers, but again, you probably won’t need them.

 Are There Side Effects?

 Like most beauty products, there’s the small risk that you may be allergic to the serums used in the lash lift process. If you’re using a home kit, you can test a small amount of it on your skin to ensure that it’s safe to use. If you’re having it done in a salon, then the technician should do an allergy test before going ahead with the procedure.

If you’re careful though, there won’t be any side effects other than having fantastically curled lashes.

 Home Lash Lift Kits

 The next question is, which is better? A home lash lift, or one at a salon? This is a question that only you can answer, as it depends on you and your needs.

Some prefer salons, as they like to feel pampered and have someone else handle the work. Plus, who doesn’t want to have the chance to lie back for an hour?

Lash lift kits are becoming easier and easier to use though, so you can get the same results at home. It’s perfect for busy women who don’t have time to go to the salon, or just want to handle a lash lift in the comfort of their own home.

Lash lifts are the best way to bring out the natural beauty of your eyelashes, without having to deal with false eyelashes or extensions. Now you know everything about them, so you can create beautifully curled lashes today.


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