lash lift procedure

Here’s What Happened with My First Lash Lift

When I first heard of lash lift, I didn’t have any idea what it actually was, so I began my research about it. After my little research, I came to know that it is a super easy treatment that lifts up your lashes semi-permanently. I also had other questions in my mind, like how the treatment is conducted? How long does this treatment last and what are the benefits? If you are also searching for these questions then don’t worry, I have got you covered as I have just recently got it done.

Which lash lift to choose?

In lash lift treatment, your natural eyelashes are lifted and hence there is no need to choose falsies. You just need to answer these questions. Do you want a full lift and curl or a little curl? Do you want to go for eyelash tint or not? I chose a full lash lift with lash tinting because I wanted to go for dramatic looks and wanted to skip using eyelash curler and mascara every day.

lash lift procedure

What do you need to prepare before a lash lift treatment?

You don’t really need to prepare for anything, you just need your own natural eyelashes. Your practitioner will also tell you not to do any makeup 24-48 hours prior to lash lift treatment. If you have any makeup on, they will remove it for you. Cleanse your face properly before you head to the salon for treatment.

How much time this procedure will take?

It is not a time taking procedure, but it also won’t take 20 minutes, so you need at least 45 minutes to an hour of your day.

How does a lash lift work?

I was very curious to know what really happens during a lash lift procedure, so I asked my practitioner a lot of questions. She was very kind and told me all the details that were going to happen to me. Let me explain to you what exactly happened.

At first, my beautician washed my eyelid completely with warm water and a cotton pad. Then she dried them and placed silicone shields over my eyelids. She attached the silicone shields with something similar to lash glue, so the shields remain intact to their position. After this, my lashes were combed up and glued to the shield, and then a perming solution was applied. The perming solution was applied for 8-12 minutes so the lashes can hold the shape. After applying the perming solution, a setting lotion was put on the lashes, so the shape is locked in. As the service I chose also included lash tinting, a black tint was applied to my lashes for 10 minutes. Then my eyes were cleaned properly, the silicone shields were removed, and the treatment was finished after applying a nourishing oil.

The treatment took almost 60 minutes and I dozed off multiples during it. It was so relaxing that I felt I was sleeping in the air.

Does Lash Lift Hurt?

No, not at all, I didn’t have any issue. The whole treatment was quite relaxing and was nowhere near painful. The eyelash lift is neither painful nor damaging.

How do your eyes look after Lash Lift treatment?

My eyes look pretty great, I simply loved how they looked. They looked fuller and longer without any mascara on and my eyes look way bigger than before, so I was quite happy with the results.

How long Does the Treatment Last?

Usually, they last up to four weeks but with great care and maintenance, they can last up to 6 weeks.


To be honest, I really loved the procedure and how my lashes look. I have skipped using both falsies and mascara and I am very happy with the results. It is a low-maintenance procedure and I can say it is way better than lash extension procedure. If you love natural looks then definitely go for it, it’s totally worth it.







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