Eyelash Extensions VS Lash Lift: Which One Should You Get?


If you are looking for a way to make your eyelashes fuller and longer with added deep and tone then you would most certainly know that treatments can make a huge difference.

Eyelashes are considered to be one of the most obvious and visible parts to make your eyes pop and this is also the reason why lashes treatments are becoming more and more popular beauty enhancements.

But what type of treatment you should get depends on many factors and personal preferences. There are two popular options for you to change the way your eyelashes look and feel. These are “eyelash extensions” and “eyelash lift”. The two are different but can have a similar result. We explain below their significant differences so you can figure out which one is the best for you.

lash lift treatment

Difference between Eyelash Extensions and Eyelash Lift

Both treatments are done to make your eyelashes longer, fuller, and alluring but the methods are different and both treatments also work differently. 

In eyelash extensions, individual lashes are being bonded using medical-grade adhesive. This is usually done by experienced artists and stylists. These people are experts in making eyelashes fuller and longer.

Lash lifts, on the other hand, involves perming and natural curling of the lashes to make them appear longer. The eyelashes are not elongated in the lash lift process but artists and stylists just use enhancement methods to make the lashes look longer and fuller. An experienced artist can make shorter eyelashes look longer using this method.

You see, both processes are different but the result is quite similar. It comes down to your preference as sometimes the cost to do these enhancements is also a factor.

Pros of Lash Lifts


The biggest advantage of the eyelash lift is that they make the eyelashes really look natural compared to extensions. Last lifts also help you sort the untamed individual lashes which start to get twisted, crisscross, or dead strands. An experienced artist who performs great lash lifts will always use premium lash lift kits which will make your eyelashes manageable and free of twisted strands. Additionally, lash lifts have lower maintenance compared to last extensions and since you are not using any adhesive, there is zero irritation associated with using chemicals.


Cons of Lash Lifts


The lash lift is not for all, especially for people who have extremely short eyelashes. Extremely short eyelashes cannot be curled and lifted leaving some people with no choice but to use lash extensions.

Pros of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelashes extension can be the best asset of a woman if done right. Longer eyelashes are easy to manage and manipulate and you can certainly do whatever you want with your eyelashes if they are longer, giving you the best look that you want.

Having an eyelash with a dramatic look can compliment your make-up, mascara, or any cosmetics applied to your face. 

Cons of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extension cannot be done by just anybody. This is the job intended for experienced professionals. You cannot risk your eyelashes to be touched by someone who is practising “how to”. One should be very careful because if an eyelash extension job is not properly done, you may end up hurting your natural eyelashes or worse your skin due to improper adhesive application.

Another big factor is cost. Since this job is for professionals you have to pay higher. Lash extensions also need higher maintenance compared to lash lift. You need the same professional to do the job every 2 to 4 weeks compared to 8 to 12 weeks for lash lift.

How to choose the right one for you?

To decide what is best for you, you have to know what type of looks you want to attain. You also need to examine your eyelashes if they are long enough for lash lifts. Additionally, you should also know your budget if you opt to go with lash extension.

Whether you chose to go with a lash lift or lash extensions, you can’t go wrong with any of these if you have all the needed resources and compatible natural eyelashes. 


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